Biersdorf – Allegro Relationship Goes From Strength to Strength

At Beiersdorf, we don’t see Allegro as our distributor and don’t refer to them as that, we very much see them as part of the family and thus we refer to them as our business partner.
There are a number of reasons why we chose to work with Allegro and continue to work with them.

Every day I walk through the front door I am greeted with the ‘Supplier of the Year-Non Food’ award from Checkout magazine that was awarded to them for the past two years, which is testament to their best in class work and highlights that the industry also recognises their great work.

Allegro have an extensive customer base and have built up some fantastic relationships over the years based on trust and continually delivering for their customers.
Allegro have a fantastic cross functional team who are highly driven and are always asking ‘what more can we do’. Allegro really are an extension of ourselves and when you see the hunger and passion on a daily basis it makes working with them a ‘no brainer’.

We have such a good relationship with Allegro that our Irish marketing team sit in their offices in Dublin. Allegro don’t just look for the ‘easy wins’ but actually work with us to build our brands in the Irish market. For example, in the past three years, Allegro have helped us secure another two Number one positions in the Irish market.

Paddy Carmody
Marketing Manager (Ireland)