Pharmacy Sectors

There is limited official market data available for the Pharmacy market in Ireland but here are a few interesting stats:

The Pharmacy Market in The Republic of Ireland is unique and offers brand owners an exceptional opportunity. There are close to 1500 Pharmacy’s currently operating in The Republic of Ireland today.
1 in 5 people visit a Pharmacy weekly and 4 out of 5 people visit at least monthly. 56% visit to fill a prescription, 19% for non prescription meds, 12% to purchase toiletries / cosmetics and 9% visiting to purchase Health care products including vitamins.*

We have a sophisticated front of shop environment, that includes all products normally found at the front of the Pharmacy counter, including mature Cosmetic and Dermocosmetic departments.

Allegro reach 1130 Pharmacies today delivering products that are normally found at the front of the Pharmacy counter. We also offer specialised product training and detailing services for some of our brand owners.

*Source: Visualise Research August 2016