Allegro and Beiersdorf Celebrate 20 Years of Partnership

Allegro and Beiersdorf have been in a successful partnership since January 2001. Since 2001 we have achieved strong growth, increased market share, and a strong sustainable business model that works for both Allegro and Beiersdorf. Both businesses share a similar culture and core values, with an emphasis on respect, communication, collaboration, and innovation, on which our success is built. Throughout the two decades of partnership, Allegro has created bespoke ‘in market’ solutions for Beiersdorf, including sales, merchandising, compliance, tactical support, planogram implementation and in-field shopper marketing activation all supported by real-time reporting and feedback. This, combined with well-known household names, such as Nivea, Eucerin, Elastoplast, Labello, and Atrixo, suggested there was only one outcome – success.

“The team at Allegro have been integral to the success of the Beiersdorf business in The Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland for almost two decades. Their local expertise, long-term trade relationships and strong ‘in market’ solution have delivered consistent and impressive results. Allegro have contributed significantly to the sustained growth of the Beiersdorf business in Ireland and are a valued partner.”
Paul Price – General Manager Beiersdorf Northern Europe.