Allegro NI Relocating

Allegro NI has recently relocated to their brand new offices in the Innovation factory in Belfast.

The Innovation Factory is designed around the needs of fast-growth businesses in Belfast, providing the Allegro NI team with private office space, coworking space and virtual services based in a collaborative work environment. Allegro NI feel they have found their future home!

“The innovation factory is the ideal place for the team an myself to continue growing our successful Northern Ireland business. It provides us views of Belfast, a café, meeting rooms, great office space and not to forget the free tea and coffee! Searching for a great work space isn’t always easy but this place ticked all the boxes. . It is a modern building, only two years old with a traditional look of the old mill. This combination of a modern building with the real sense of a community feel exactly matches Allegro’s work environment. For me it’s a real sense of coming home as my Grandfather and Dad both worked in the old factory on this very site” Market Manager David McCullough.