Beiersdorf and Allegro have been in successful partnership on the Island of Ireland since January 2001. Our ways of working have evolved over time with Allegro moving to a full service provider for Beiersdorf in January 2013 in both the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland.

We share similar core values and place Beiersdorf brands and culture at the heart of what we do. We place great emphasis on our people and creating a winning, innovative & entrepreneurial culture within the business to deliver results that exceed expectation.

Our most successful relationships are built on partnership and collaboration.

Together we have achieved double digit growth, increased market shares and developed a strong and sustainable business model that works for both of us.

Beiersdorf continually invest in their fantastic assortment of market leading brands, household names that we all know and love including NIVEA, Eucerin, Elastoplast, Labello and Atrixo.

Allegro offers Beiersdorf a complete tailor made ‘in market’ solution including selling, merchandising, audits and tactical support, planogram implementation & compliance, in field shopper marketing campaign implementation aswell as realtime reporting and feedback.

The team at Allegro have been integral to the success of the Beiersdorf business in The Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland for almost two decades. Their local expertise, long-term trade relationships and strong ‘in market’ solution have delivered consistent and impressive results. Allegro have contributed significantly to the sustained growth of the Beiersdorf business in Ireland and are a valued partner.

Paul PriceCountry Manager Beiersdorf UK & Ireland

Beiersdorf’s Brands at a glance

Researchers at Beiersdorf have spent over 130 years unlocking skin’s complex processes to develop skin care products that are trusted the world over.

Innovation has always been a fundamental part of this approach. From the introduction of Eucerin (1900) and NIVEA Crème (1911) to the discovery of the skin-rejuvenating and wrinkle – reducing coenzyme Q10 and the excellent skin-moisturising properties of the ingredient Hydra IQ.

Today over 600 scientists are dedicated to research and development at The Beiersdorf Research Centre in Hamburg, continuing to set industry-wide global standards on measuring, analysing and evaluating the effectiveness of skin care products.

The NIVEA Family

Trusted, loved and always reliable – For more than 100 years.

When NIVEA Creme was launched in 1911 it revolutionised skin care as the first stable oil- and-water- based cream in the world. Today, although the NIVEA family has grown considerably, it is no less innovative. Read more about the present-day product ranges here.

In the 90s, NIVEA expanded to become a global brand with consistent names, products and packaging. NIVEA families, like Face, Men, Deodorant, Soft and Bathcare were developed.

NIVEA is the No. 1 Skincare Brand in the World and holds 4 category No.1 Market Positions in the Republic of Ireland including Facial skincare; Body skincare; Men’s skincare and Suncare*

www. NIVEA.ie


Dermatological Skincare,
Exclusively sold in the Pharmacy Channel

The skin caring ointment base, Eucerit, was discovered over 100 years ago, initiating a small revolution and laying the groundwork for Beiersdorf’s future success.

Today the company offers a range of highly effective skin care products under the Eucerin brand name.

The dermo cosmetic products are based on the latest scientific findings and promote healthy, radiant skin.

Eucerin is now one of the world’s most trusted dermo cosmetic brands, endorsed by dermatologists and pharmacists and recommended to keep skin healthy and beautiful.

Beiersdorf’s expertise and energy is focused on giving consumers the very best skin care products available.

Their commitment to research, development and testing delivers innovative and effective products for the face and body.

Eucerin products help to protect skin and keep it healthy, now and in the future. Read more about the Eucerin product range here.


Elastoplast is the Healing Expert.

If you’re looking for a plaster of any kind, or a moisturising foot cream, sports bandage, cooling gel for aching muscles or even a heat plaster, Elastoplast can provide you with a solution. You’ll find a world of innovative products on the Elastoplast website aswell as useful articles full of information to make everyday self-care a little bit easier. Learn more about the product range here.

Elastoplast is the No. 1 Plaster Brand in the Republic of Ireland*



Making lips irresistible for generations.

The world fell for moisturised lips more than 100 years ago.

The Labello lip care stick is one of Beiersdorf’s classic products – and is even two years older than NIVEA. These days, Labello moisturises and pampers lips all over the world.

Around 160 million lip care sticks are produced a year. Read more about the Labello product range here.



Launched in 1955, Atrixo, quickly became an international success for Beiersdorf.

Atrixo was the first hand cream in the world that not only conditioned hands, but also actively protected them. High-grade lipids, panthenol and glycerine provide a lasting supply of moisture, while camomile and aloe vera help skin regenerate. Thanks to its silicon content, Atrixo, when applied before work – protects even dry and chapped skin like an invisible glove.

For over 50 years now, this unique combination of active ingredients has made Atrixo the product of choice for men and women who lead "hands-on" lives at work or in their spare time, in the garden or in the home. Read more about the Atrixo product range here.